I have grown fond of automating my (freelancer) finances through Google Spreadsheets!

Now I can see my available budget automagically based on hours I have worked this month. 


Automate your budgeting as a freelancer.

I have created an automated budgeting solution ready for beta-testing. Would you like to try?

Tools: Timeular & Google Sheets.
The central challenge is: Given the number of hours I have already worked (and can expect to get paid for) how much can I safely spend - even down to: If I work for one hour NOW, how much can I safely spend right after?
I have found this really useful as a freelancer because even without a fixed monthly income, I can do effortless budgeting of core/living expenses and optional expenses - in real time.
To keep it up to date all I need is a straightforward ~5min adjustment monthly & whenever I get paid.

Link to the template spreadsheet which includes an empty spreadsheet to record tracking and the template with the calculations: